Graphic by Kate Turner, Cord Visual Director.

Graphic by Kate Turner, Cord Visual Director.

Veronica Naas

Nothing squashes summer fun like a sunburn, sunstroke or heat exhaustion. It’s easy to forget but exposure to ultra-violet (UV) rays is year round and extra attention should be paid during the summer months.

According to, “in Canada, skin cancer accounts for approximately one-third (33 per cent) of all new cancer cases” and “an estimated 87,100 new cases of skin cancer were projected to occur in Canada in 2012.”

Reduce your risk of skin cancer by following these simple steps. Have necessary components like sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat on hand. Plan your outings when you can. Take the time to check the UV index forecast, bring along extra clothing to cover up with and pack extra liquids like water; don’t forget an umbrella. Once at your destination look for man-made shade like gazebos and awnings, or for natural shade under a tree.

Summer is not here for long so be sun smart.

For detailed information visit the Health Canada or the Region of Waterloo Public Health websites.