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“We Just Have To Show Them Our Hearts”: Islamophobia in WR

Noor describes November 16 as an unseasonably warm day—a high of 15 degrees Celsius according to Environment Canada—and, pointedly, “the first Monday after Paris.” On that Monday her car windows were rolled down as she sat waiting for the lights to change at the intersection of King and Weber Streets. “When the arrow opened for the cars beside me to go left, I didn’t see the man’s face, I only heard him yell ‘you are a terrorist!’ and go, he was gone,” Noor, who is Syrian, said. “And then the light opened for us to go straight, but I hear a beep! beep! because really I was shocked, and in shock,” she continued, explaining the disorienting moments that followed.

The Morning After Voting Strategically

The so-called Anyone But Conservative campaign also attracted a great deal of criticism. Now that we are on the other side of the election, TCE checked in with voters, to see how the process made them feel. Here are select responses, edited for clarity, along with each person’s riding.

Time For Craft Brewers To Go Local

I love to think about what it would look like to work within the confines of local—by using only local unaltered water, local malt and grains, local hops, local yeast, and any other possible local ingredients—to create a style that is true to our region and climate.Many Ontario breweries are already incorporating local hops into their beers, and a few brave ones are using local malts, which have a long way to go before they can match the quality and consistency of those from the Prairie Provinces and Europe.In the meantime it is up to beer lovers to continue supporting local craft breweries, and to ask the brewers what exactly makes their beer “local.” In time, maybe Ontario will be home to its own unique beer style.

Help Us Be Better, Maybe Win Some Art: Fill Out TCE’s Readership Survey

We have not surveyed you, dear readers, for some time. And, as you know, a good relationship requires honest communication, understanding, and bubble baths. Our bathtub is full of newspapers, but we aim to be an understanding, honest communicator.We just need a bit of your help. Help us!We've put together a readership survey. If you fill it out, you could win a painting by a local artist. You'll also, you know, support independent community media in these dark times of corporate media consolidation. No no, we're not playing games, don't feel guilty.But seriously, please fill out the survey. It only takes a couple minutes.

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