Almost Nostalgic: Charles Street Terminal

Looking at the now-vacant Charles Street bus terminal in downtown Kitchener, one may ask: what will become of it?

Closed as of September of this year, community members have suggested using the site for affordable housing, a recreation centre, a relocated Aud or to expand Victoria Park. In the short term, the site could be used for parking, office leases or pop-up cultural events to keep activity going on-site until it’s redeveloped.

The region plans to consult the public in a number of ways about the redevelopment, including public meetings and design brainstorming sessions.

Regional council will get a report in late spring spelling out a timeline for the project, a plan of all the studies and work that has to happen for redevelopment to proceed, along with and an estimated cost for those studies.

Words by Melissa Embury

Photos by Nick Stanley



Melissa is the former editor in chief of the Community Edition. You may have seen her around town asking people what excites them locally. When not writing, she's usually obsessively listening to music while hanging with her grumpy cat Hansel. A mental health advocate, you'll find her meditating or playing outdoors — climbing rocks and trees, hiking local trails, freediving and surfing in the ocean. "There’s something so healing about water. Water, trees, sunshine and fresh air are what we all need." Follow on IG or Twitter @melissaembury